Message from the CEO

Kushal KC



Thank you for visiting our website.

Oasis Education was founded in 2011 with a motive to help
International students, especially to the Gen-Y both onshore and offshore.

OASIS Education has become a trusted name for international students for studying in Australia in a short period of time for its genuine advise,timely support and priceless help to the students.

We are committed to helping students to choose the right course and achieve their Australian Dream. At OASIS, students always come first. We first try understanding the student’s situation; their career plan and we try to match their requirements. We truly explain the ground reality not just try selling a dream.

Having our Head Office centrally located in Sydney, students will continue to receive onshore support while studying in Australia. Our experienced Education Counselors are well trained to support and provide professional guidance to international students.

Whether you are an offshore student looking to study in Australia or already in Australia currently studying and looking to change your courses/Education Providers, please speak to one of our Qualified Education Counselors over the phone or visit our Sydney Office.

The best part of our agency is we do not charge any consultation fee to our students.