• We offer students wide varieties of options and let them choose the Course and Education Provider of their choice. We do not insist any students to go to the Education Providers that helps us, unlike others.

  • We provide a hassle-free service to international students already studying in Australia (onshore international students) at no charge ranging from course counseling to application submission.

  • We partner with many of the Australian Education providers, which are best for our students. The best institution might not be always best for student’s situation. Click here for the list of institutions we represent.

  • Our Education Counselors are qualified counselors to provide counseling for Studying in Australia (EATC under the Professional International Education Resources http://www.pieronline.org/)

  • Our experienced Education Counselors offer reliable advice and accurate information on study options across Australia.

  • Our Education Counselors understand your needs as most of our counselors have studied in Australia and have extensive real – working experience in Australia.

  • We offer counseling in English and other Sub-Continent languages i.e NEPALI, HINDI, URDU e.t.c

  • We help you to understand your rights and obligations as international students. We ensure you are given fair entry assessment and your welfare is protected under the relevant Act as well as you meet the visa conditions required to meet by the Australian Law.

  • Oasis Education partners with industry leading Health insurance Providers to provide you the lowest price on your OSHC.

  • OASIS Education can help you to organize your Travel Tickets, Money Transfers and facilitate your Job and Accommodation arrangements.

Apply now or contact us: one of our friendly counselors will be in touch with you soon.